Bookkeeping Services

At every stage of your business, confidence and planning are the keys. So no matter whether you are just starting out, growing rapidly, or planning for success, we can help. Infinity Tax and Accounting Services can help you take your business further by eliminating daily administrative challenges like bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, and other business taxes.

Our services can be monthly, quarterly, or annually based on the stage of your business. We recommend all of our clients sit down with our bookkeepers and tax professionals to review your financial statements line by line every month or at least every quarter. This will give you chance to understand your company’s performance and make timely decisions.

On a routine schedule that we think best suits your business, we will do the following:

· Reconcile your bank and other accounts

  1. To identify lost checks, lost deposits, and unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.
  2. To detect and prevent unnecessary bank charges.
  3. To know your income correctly and manage your cash more effectively.

· Generate Financial Statements:

  1. Track Revenues and expenses so that you can determine the operating performance of your business.
  2. Determine and eliminate what areas of your business are unnecessary or over budget.
  3. Identify specific expenses that cause unexpected expenditures.
  4. Compare your business performance with month to month and year to year incomes and expenditures.